9th Class Computer Science Guess Paper (2021)

Lahore Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Boards, Sargodha Board, Faisalabad Board, Rawalpindi Boards, Multan Board, DG Khan Board.

9th Class 2021 Guess Papers

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Here are the subjects wise guess papers of 9th class:

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9th class computer guess 2021

Below is the guess paper for 9th class computer

Important short questions


– types of computer?

– work of van numen?

– benefits of transistor?

– definition of machine language?

– define computer?

– what is abacus?

– what is a computer program?

– explain minicomputer

– high-level language?

– define analog computer?


– What are input devices?

– Define USB por?

t.- what is system unit?

– define port?

.- difference between the serial port and parallel port

– define computer hardware

– what is data bus?


What is mouse?

– what is a joystick?

– What is meant by resolution of the monitor?

– Difference between soft copy and hard copy?

– work of non-impact printer?

– what is keyboard?

– what is microphone?

– difference between CD-RW and CD-R?


– Why DRAM uses more energy?

– difference between DRAM and SRAM?

– What is main memory?

– what is cashe memory?

– What do you know about ROM?

-What is secondary memory?

– What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

Important Long Questions

– Types of computer?

– Note main-fram computer and super computer?

 – 2nd and 3rd generation of computer?

– write a note on system bus?

– write a note on RAM and ROM?

– write a notes on various ports?

– write a note on CPU?

– write a note on various types of monitors?

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