9th Class Chemistry pairing Scheme Punjab Board 2021

9th Year Chemistry- Pairing Scheme 2021 Punjab Board

paper Scheme Chemistry
update 18 January
Year 2021
Class 9th Class
Board 9th Class assessment scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board ,Multan Board and Kashmir Board
Key word 9th class Pairing Scheme 2021 Punjab Board- all Boards Scheme are here..

9th Class Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2021

Chapter NoMCQSShort QuestionsLong QuestionsTotal Marks
1131 (Q-5 part b )12
2121 Q-5 part a )9
4231 (Q-6 part a )12
5121 (Q-6 part b )10
6231 (Q-7 part b)13
7241 (Q-7 part a )14

9th Class Chemistry Short Questions with Chapter numbers   

  • Question No: 2 (8 questions 5 to attempt) – From Chapter 1, 2, 3
  • Question No 3 (8 questions 5 to attempt): From Chapter 4, 5, 6
  • Question No 4 (8 questions 5 to attempt) From Chapter 7, 8

MCQs = 12 (1 from chapter 1, 2, 5, 8 each and 2 from chapter 3, 4, 6,7 each)

9th Class Chemistry Long Questions chapter wise

A total of three questions are given, out of which students need to answer two questions.

Question No. 5

  • Chapter 1 = one part
  • Chapter 2 = one part

Question No. 6

  • Chapter 4 = one part
  • Chapter 5 = one part

Question No. 7

  • Chapter 7 = one part
  • Chapter 8 = one part

How to prepare for 9th class chemistry if you just want to pass the paper

From the above pairing scheme, it is clear that if a student prepares chapter 6, 7 8 and chapter 9 he/she can easily pass the paper.

22 Marks paper from Chapter 4 and 5

By preparing chemistry Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, you can attempt the paper for 22 marks. As there are 5 short questions, 1 long question and 3 MCQs from these two chapters, so you will be able solve question 3, Long question, and three MCQs.

21 Marks paper from Chapter 6 and 7

So you can get 21 marks from chapter 7 and 8. Although 3 short questions come from chapter 6 and 4 from chapter 7, but those 3 of chapter 6 are included in question number 3, so these cannot help you to get extra marks. But a long question comes from chapter 6 and chapter 7. So by preparing these two chapters, you will be able to solve 4 short questions, 1 long question and 4 MCQs.

With these, if you can just prepare a small portion of chapter 8, you will be able to solve one short question from here and this portion will give you 23 marks.  

So by preparing just 4 chapters of the 9th class chemistry, students can score 43 Marks out of 60 which is a huge portion. So you can score 71% marks by just preparing 4 chapters out of 8 total chapters.

Which chapters to prepare if you want to get 80-90% marks in 9th class Chemistry paper?

If you want to score between 90-100% marks in 9th Class chemistry with less preparation, you just need to add chapter 1 and 2 with chapter 4 to 7. As 43 marks paper comes from chapter 4-7, 21 marks paper comes from chapter 1 and 2. But as you have already solved two long questions from chapter 4 to 7, you will get 12 more marks from chapter 1 and 2. Hence 43+12 = 55, this is phenomenal 91.5%. If you prepare well these 6 chapters you will be able to solve 91.5% of the paper.  

For 100% attempt, you are required to add a small portion of chapter 8, say less than first half of chapter 8.

Good luck and do share with your friends if you think this article will help you and others in attempting the papers. Especially with those, you believe are week in studies and need some help.

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