9th Class Physics Guess Paper English & Urdu Medium pdf 2021

I have made guess paper of physics for 9th class. I have been updating this page as quickly as I get a new update.

9th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Here are the main points of the guess paper of 9th class:

1. 9th class physics important MCQs

There are over 150 MCQs that are really important for 2021 board paper.

2. 9th class physics Important short questions

3. Important Numerical

You only need to download the guess paper in pdf and read it on your phone or get a printout.

4. 9th Physics Important long Questions 2021

I have put important long questions in the guess paper. There are two guess paper and you should prepare the both guess paper to get good marks.

physics 9th Class Complete urdu medium notes in PDF Form

Short Question

  1. Define derive quantities and give an example.
  2. Write in scientific notation i) 0.00580 km ii)100.8 sec
  3. Define the term Mechanics and Electromagnetism.
  4. Write two advantages of physics in our daily life.
  5. Differentiate between atomic and plasma physics.
  6. Why a screw gauge measures more accurately then a
    vernier caliper.
  7. Differentiate between Mechanical stop watch and digital
    stop watch.
  8. Define geographic
  9. What is least count of meter rod?
  10. Define scientific notation and give one example
  11. Define prefixes and give one example
  12. Why screw gauge measure more accurately than vernier
  13. Write two rules to find significant digits in a
  14. D/f between positive zero error and negative zero error.
  15. What is d/f between base quantities and derived
  16. What is meant by scientific notation?
  17. D/f b/w electronic balance and physical balance.
  18. Define base and derived units.
  19. Define physics.
  20. Estimate your 14 year age in second.
  21. What is meant by zero error and zero correction?

Iong Question

  1. Your hair growth at the rate of mm per day. Find their
    growth in nms-1
  2. What is meant by stopwatch? Describe about digital
    stop watch.
  3. What is the function of screw gauge? How it used?
  4. A Screw has 50 divisions on its circular scale. The pitch
    of the screw gauge is 0.5 mm. Finds its least count.
  5. Write the rules which are helpful in identifying
    significant figures.

Unit No:2

Short Question

  1. Define uniform velocity.
  2. Differentiate between rest and motion.
  3. Define Translatory motion and linear motion.
  4. Define velocity and uniform velocity.
  5. Define speed and uniform speed.
  6. Define acceleration and its equation.
  7. Define displacement with the help of graph.
  8. Define speed and its unit.
  9. What is meant by positive and negative acceleration?
  10. Convert 20 ms-1 velocity in kmh-1
  11. Define uniform acceleration.
  12. A car starts from rest. Its velocity becomes 20 ms-1 in 8
    sec. Find its acceleration.
  13. Differentiate between rotatory and random motion.
  14. Derive first equation of motion.
  15. Write down formula and unit to find accelerating.
  16. Find the acceleration that is produced by 20 N forces in
    mass of 8 kg.
  17. D/f between linear motion and random motion.
  18. Write types of motion.
  19. D/f between rest and motion.
  20. Define speed and velocity.
  21. Define rest and motion.
  22. D/f between displacement and distance.
  23. Draw the graph of constant speed.
  24. Define gravitational acceleration.

Long Question

  1. Derive second condition of motion with the help of
  2. Derive third equation of motion with the help of graph.
  3. A cricket ball hit vertically upward and returns to
    ground 6 sec late. Calculate its velocity.
  4. A train starts from rest with an acceleration of 0.5 ms-2
    Find its speed in kmh-1 when it has moved 100 m.
  5. Drive third equation of motion with the help of graph.
  6. Prove with the help of graph. Vf = Vi + at.
    7.Prove 3rd Equation of motion with help of speed
    time graph.
  7. A car starts from rest. Its velocity becomes 20ms-1 in 8
    second .find acceleration.

Unit NO:3

Short Question

  1. Define momentum and write its units.
  2. Write two difference between mass and weight
  3. Why rolling friction is less than sliding friction
  4. Difference between force and inertia
  5. Define newton’s 2nd law of motion.
  6. Define centripetal force and circular motion
  7. Why first law of motion is called law of Inertia.
  8. What do you know about Atwood machine?
  9. Define centripetal force and write down its
  10. State law of conservation of momentum.
  11. When gun is fired, it recoils why?
  12. Write down two method s of reduce friction
  13. Define force and write its unit.
  14. Write two differences between mass weights.
  15. Give two example of law of conservation of
  16. How seat belts are useful in two ways at the time
    of driving?
  17. What is meant by banking of Roads?
  18. Why are spanner of washing machine is moved
  19. Write two methods to reduce friction.
  20. State principle of moments.
  21. Define inertia.

Long Question

  1. Define friction and write three methods to
    minimize it.
  2. Prove the relation between force and momentum
    with the help of mathematical equation
  3. What is meant by friction why rolling friction is
    less that sliding friction?
  4. Define rate of change of momentum and also
    derive its equation.
  5. How much centripetal force is needed to make a
  6. body of mass o.5kg to move in a circle of radius 50cm
  7. with a speed 3ms-1.?
  8. Write four d/f b/w mass and weight.
  9. State newton’s first law of motion and explain with
  10. example.

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