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” The Study of plants is known as Botny”

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Botny Quiz for BS and Bsc students-Pdf

What Is Botany?

A lot of the earth is covered with plant life that gives us oxygen, food supplies, and many other necessities. This teeming greenery all over the world carries an unimaginable variety of designs, colors, lifestyles, and uses; and the botanist studies all of those things. In this lesson, we’ll discuss the definition of botany, the history of botany as a science, and the practical applications of botanical knowledge.

Botany is the scientific study of plant life, including the life of some things, such as fungus, which aren’t really considered plants anymore. The structure, properties, life processes, classifications, diseases, and environmental impacts and interactions are all included in botanical science. Botany is a branch of biology, which is the study of living organisms.

History of Botany

Since plant life is so fundamental to human survival, people have been studying plant life from the beginning of recorded time. When people were looking to trees, bushes, and grasses for food, they began to notice where and when these food items would show up. They made the connection between water and plant life and noticed how soil differences controlled the growth of plants.

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Botny Quiz For BS And Bsc Students (Important)

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