Computer Science 1st year 2021 paper Scheme|Punjab Board

Subject Computer
update 7 March
Year 2021
Class 1st year
Board 12th Class Computer paper Scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board ,Multan Board and Kashmir Board
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Computer Science 1st Year Punjab Board Pairing Scheme 2021:

If you are looking for the 1st year pairing scheme 2021 then you can get it from this website. The marks distribution of each question and paper pattern is discussed here. We have also discussed the weightage of each chapter, so you can pass your exam through selective study or you can also get full marks by following this pairing scheme. This scheme is only for Punjab board not for any other board.

1st Year Section Wise Division/Marks Distribution

Section A comprises of MCQs type questions, each MCQ carries 1 mark and there is no choice in this section and you have to complete it in first 20 minutes. After you complete Section A, you will be given the Subjective type of paper. In this paper there will be two Sections, Section B and Section C. Section B consists of 3 short answer questions, Each question has 9 parts out of which you have to attempt 6 parts, each part carrying equal marks. Section C consists of 5 long answer questions, and you have to attempt 3 questions out of 5.

SECTION A: Multiple Choice Questions

QUESTION NO. 1: MCQs (15 marks)

SECTION B: Short Answer Questions

QUESTION NO. 2: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9) (12 marks)

QUESTION NO. 3: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9) (12 marks)

QUESTION NO. 4: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9) (12 marks)

SECTION C: Long Answer Questions

Attempt any 3 questions out of 5

QUESTION NO 5: (8 marks)

QUESTION NO 6: (8 marks)

QUESTION NO 7: (8 marks)

QUESTION NO 8: (8 marks)

QUESTION NO 9: (8 marks)

Arrangement of 1st-year Computer Science scheme

SECTION B: Short Answer Questions

QUESTION NO. 2 (Attempt any 6):

Chapter 1 ó3 questions

Chapter 2 ó2 question

Chapter 3 ó2 question

Chapter 6 ó2 question

QUESTION NO. 3 (Attempt any 6):

Chapter 5ó6 questions

Chapter 8ó2 questions

Chapter 9ó2 questions

QUESTION NO. 4 (Attempt any 6):

Chapter 4ó 5 questions

Chapter 7ó2 questions

Chapter 10ó 2 questions

SECTION C: Long Answer Questions

QUESTION NO 5:óChapter 1

QUESTION NO 6: óChapter 2

QUESTION NO 7: óChapter 3

QUESTION NO 8: óChapter 5

QUESTION NO 9: óChapter 6

Chapter-wise MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions Pairing Scheme 2021

Chapter NoWeightage
Marks DistributionMCQ(s)Short Answer Question(s)Long Question Answer(s)
Marks:MCQs                            15 Short                              36Long                              24Total                              75

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