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9th Class Mathematics Pairing Scheme 2020

Exams of 9th class are considered to be very difficult as the students appear for the first time in the board exam. The paper pattern for board exams is different from the school exams. Therefore, the students get confused about how to prepare for the exam. Here is the pairing scheme for 9th class mathematics of all Punjab boards, the students can excellently for their exams using this scheme.

Board punjab Board
Class 9th class
Year 2021
keyword 9th class math paper scheme
Qualification matric Class

9th Class Paper Section Wise Division/Marks Distribution

The first section of the paper comprises of objective type questions, in which there will be 15 MCQs, each consisting of 1 mark. There will be no choice in objective type questions, and the students have to complete it in the first 20 minutes. The second section comprises of short answer questions, in which there will be 3 questions, each question contains 9parts out of which you have to attempt any 6, this section will be of 36 marks. The third section comprises of long/essay type answer questions or theorems, there will be 5 questions, each having 2 parts except question 9, and you have to attempt any 3 of them but the question 9 is compulsory. There will be a choice in question 9 and it will be a theorem. In the third section, each part will be of4 marks and question 9 will be of 8 marks respectively.

SECTION A: Multiple Choice Questions (15 Marks)


SECTION B: Short Answer Questions (36 Marks)

QUESTION NO. 2: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9)

QUESTION NO. 3: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9)RELATED POSTS

QUESTION NO. 4: (Attempt Any 6 questions out of 9)

SECTION C: Long Answer Questions (24 Marks)

Attempt any 3 questions out of 5 but question 9 is compulsory

QUESTION NO 5: Part (a) 4 Marks Part (b) 4 Marks

QUESTION NO 6: Part (a) 4 Marks Part (b) 4 Marks

QUESTION NO 7: Part (a) 4 Marks Part (b) 4 Marks

QUESTION NO 8: Part (a) 4 Marks Part (b) 4 Marks

QUESTION NO 9: Theorem 1 or Theorem 2 (8 marks)

Chapter-wise MCQs, Short Questions and Long Questions Combination Scheme

S. NoChapter NameWeightage
Marks DistributionMCQ(s)Short Answer Question(s)Long Question Answer(s)
1Matrices and Determinants129121(Exercise 1.6)
2Real and Complex Numbers129121(Exercise 2.4, 2.6)
3Logarithms129121(Exercise 3.4)
4Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Formulas129121(Exercise 4.2, 4.4)
5Factorization97111(Exercise 5.2)
6Algebraic Manipulation97111(Exercise 6.1, 6.2)
7Linear Equations and Inequalities129121(Exercise 7.1)
8Linear Graphs & Their Application7512
9Introduction to Coordinate Geometry7512
10Congruent Triangles4311
11Parallelograms and Triangles4311
12Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors1511111(Theorem)
13Sides and Angles of a Triangle321
14Ratio and Proportion4312
15Pythagoras Theorem542
16Theorems Related with Area1511111(Theorem)
17Practical Geometry — Triangles129121(Exercise 17.2)
Marks:MCQs                            12 Short                              30Long                              18Total                              60

Smart Syllabus/ Short Syllabus 2021 pdf:

9th class short Syllabus l Smart Syllabus 2021Download
10th class short Syllabus l Smart Syllabus 2021Download

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