Ufone Number Check Code 2023 and Find Ufone Number

Ufone Number Check Code 2023 and Find Ufone Number .Ufone Number Check Code 2023 and Find Ufone Number , Open your mobile keypad and dial the code *780*3# or *1# to check Your Current Ufone Number. If you like to check the Ufone number via SMS then type MNP in the text box and send it to code 667.Ufone Number Check Code 2021.Ufone Number Check Code 2023 and Find Ufone Number.

Code: Dial * 780 * 3 #
Price: Free
Other Code: * 1 #

Your free Ufone sim number will be found on your mobile screen.

Ufone Number Check Code 2023

ChargesFree / No Balance

Terms and Conditions

  • Your will Get your Ufone sim number on your mobile screen for free
  • You can check only on the active sim, inactive sim might not work
  • Codes can change any time by Ufone, Please check Ufone website if the code above has error.
  • Call Ufone help line for further information
  • You can check the Ufone Sim Owner, Ufone Number registered address and Location of Ufone Number and Ufone Sim by calling the help line

Write MNP in your message body and send it to 667 

If you are a customer of Ufone mobile network service and want to know more about how to check your contact number and Ufone you must read this whole article. Here is complete detail how to check your Ufone number without balance means with 0 balance you can check your Ufone number

Method 01:

Open dial pad and type *780*3#.

There is a message pop up on your screen where your sim number is mention

(There no service charges in this method)

Method 02:

Go to your dial pad and type *1# 

A message pops up on your screen where your contact number is mentioned.

(This method also has no service charges)

Method 03:

You can also check your contact number through a message

Type MNP on your message body and send it to 667

After some time, you get a message where your contact number is mentioned

(But this service is not free, you have to pay service charges to use this service, you must have credit).

If you want some further inquiry you can also call Ufone helpline number 333 where you must tell your CNIC number, then you can easily find out every information about your contact number.

There are some terms and condition:

  • You can easily get your contact number without any service charges
  • This service is only available for active numbers.
  • If you can’t access above codes, kindly check Ufone website for information
  • For further inquiries about your contact number, you can also call on Ufone helpline 333.

About Ufone:

Ufone is one of the favourite mobile network providers especially among the youngsters because of its packages and service. It gives the best service to their customer that’s why its become successful in a very small time period. Ufone has approximately 23 million customers. Because of its best coverage, it is the first choice of every Pakistani. They provide their services around 2,335 cities. The products which Ufone provides are prepaid, postpaid and U paisa. The parent company of Ufone is PTCL.

In Pakistan first time the Ufone was launched in January 2001. And in 2006 it became a part of Etisalat.

The headquarters of Ufone is in Islamabad and it gives its coverage almost all over Pakistan. Day by day, Ufone tries to improve its network.

In 2016 Ufone refined its 2G internet service to 3G.

Last year first time Ufone launch its 4G service in Rawalpindi and Islamabad which is also known as twin cities of Pakistan and when it gives good feedback Ufone also launch 4G service in other parts of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and now planning to launch it all across Pakistan.