BS Botany 6th Semester Outline 2024

BS Botany Outline All Semester 2024. Title of the Course: BOT-301 Diversity of Plants. Credit Hours: 4(3+1). Prerequisites: Inter / A levels with Biology,Syllabus B.S (4 year programs) Semester system Chemistry · CS & IT ·BS Botany Outline 2024 All Semester,1st semester,2nd semester,3rd  semester,4th semester , 5th semester,6th semester.

BS Botany 6th Semester Outline

7th semester,8th semester. Mathematics · Physics · Zoology · Botany; Department of Environmental Science .The duration required to complete this degree is 4 years. Semester. Students are required to pass 8 semesters for the completion of this degree.

BS Botany Outline All Semester

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BS Botany 6th Semester Course Outline .BS Botany 6th Semester Course Outline .

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BS Botany Punjab University

  • Inorganic Chemistry.
  • General Biology.
  • Mycology.
  • Plant Pathology.
  • Molecular Genetics.
  • Diversity of Invertebrates.
  • Plant Biochemistry.
  • Biological Techniques.
NoSubjectCredit Hours

Semester 1

NoSubjectsCategoryCredit Hours
1Functional EnglishCompulsory3
2Pakistan StudiesCompulsory3
4Principles of Animal Life-IGeneral2
5Principles of Animal Life-I LabGeneral Lab1
6Inorganic ChemistryGeneral2
7Inorganic Chemistry LabGeneral Lab1
8Diversity of PlantsFoundation3
9Diversity of Plants LabFoundation Lab1

Semester 2

NOSubjectsCategoryCredit Hours
1Communication SkillsCompulsory3
2Islamic Studies/EthicsCompulsory3
3Introduction to ComputerCompulsory3
4Principles of Animal Life-IIGeneral2
5Principles of Animal Life-II LabGeneral Lab1
6Introduction to BiotechnologyGeneral3
7Plant Systematics, Anatomy and DevelopmentFoundation3
8Plant Systematics, Anatomy and Development LabFoundation Lab1

Semester 3

NoSubjectsCategoryCredit Hours
1Technical Writing & Presentation SkillCompulsory3
4Applied ChemistryGeneral2
5Applied Chemistry LabGeneral Lab1
6Organic ChemistryGeneral3
7Organic Chemistry LabGeneral Lab1
8Cell Biology, Genetics and EvolutionFoundation3
9Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution LabFoundation Lab1

Semester 4

NoSubjectCategoryCredit Hours
2Animal Form and FunctionGeneral2
3Animal Form and Function-LabGeneral-Lab1
4Physical ChemistryGeneral2
5Physical Chemistry LabGeneral Lab1
6Plant Physiology and EcologyFoundation3
7Plant Physiology and Ecology LabFoundation Lab1
8Biodiversity and ConservationFoundation3
9Biodiversity & Conservation-LabFoundation Lab1

Semester 5

NoSubjectCategoryCredit Hours
1Bacteriology and VirologyFoundation2
2Bacteriology and Virology LabFoundation Lab1
3Diversity of Vascular PlantsFoundation2
4Diversity of Vascular Plants LabFoundation Lab1
5Phycology and BryologyMajor2
6Phycology and Bryology LabMajor Lab1
7Mycology and Plant PathologyMajor2
8Mycology and Plant Pathology LabMajor Lab1
9Plant SystematicsMajor2
10Plant Systematics LabMajor Lab1

Semester 6

NoSubjectCategoryCredit Hours
1Plant AnatomyFoundation2
2Plant Anatomy LabFoundation Lab1
3Plant Ecology-IFoundation2
4Plant Ecology-I LabFoundation Lab1
6Genetics-I LabMajor Lab1
7Plant Biochemistry-IMajor2
8Plant Biochemistry-I LabMajor Lab1
9Plant Physiology-IMajor2
10Plant Physiology-I LabMajor Lab1

Semester 7

NoSubjectsCategoryCredit Hours
1Molecular BiologyMajor2
2Molecular Biology LabMajor Lab1
3Plant Biochemistry-IIMajor2
4Plant Biochemistry-II LabMajor Lab1
5Plant Ecology-IIMajor2
6Plant Ecology-II LabMajor Lab1
8Elective-I LabElective Lab1
9Research Project IProject3

Semester 8

NoSubjectsCategoryCredit Hours
1Plant Physiology-IIMajor2
2Plant Physiology-II LabMajor Lab1
4Genetics-II LabMajor Lab1
5Environmental BiologyMajor2
6Environmental Biology LabMajor Lab1
8Elective-II LabElective Lab1
9Research Project IIProject3

Government College of University Faisalabad BS Botany Subjects and Syllabus

GC University Faisalabad is the most renowned university in Pakistan. It is a public university that is located in Faisalabad. GC University offers a BS Botany program. Thousands of students apply to the Botany program every year. Merit Criteria for the BS Botany program is usually high.