BSc Botany 3rd Year Notes 2024 All Subject

BSc Botany 3rd Year Notes 2024 All Subject.BSc Botany or Bachelor of Science in Botany is a 3year undergraduate degree course, which deals with the study .In the third year, i.e., Semesters Vth and VIth, a student shall offer an honours subject . 3. Physics, Maths, Statistics. 3Botany, Geology, Chemistry.BSc Botany 3rd Year Notes All Subject.BSc Botany 3rd Year Notes 2024 All Subject.

How to download BSc 3rd year Botany notes?

BSc Botany Sem 5BSc BotanySem 6
 1. Systematic of Angiosperm Download – View 1. Microbiology & Plant Pathology Download – View
 2. Genetic & Plants Breeding Download – View  2. Economics & Applied Botany Download – View
 3. Plant Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyDownload – View  3. Genetic Plant Breeding Statistics Method Download – View
4. Plant Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Download – View 4. Plant Anatomy & Developmental Biology of Flowering Plant Download – View

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