BSc Chemistry Notes 2024 All Subject

BSc Chemistry Notes 2024 All Subject.BSc Chemistry Notes 2024 All Subject.

BSc 1st Year Organic Chemistry Notes PDF Download

Let’s first have a look at the BSc 1st year organic chemistry syllabus. Knowing the topics you will read is also very important. If you know the syllabus in advance, it will help you gather the necessary notes and books. 

BSc Organic Chemistry 1st Semester syllabus 

  • Structure and Bonding 
  • Mechanisms of Organic Reactions 
  • Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds 
  • Alkanes & Cycloalkanes 

Here is the PDF link to all the notes of Bsc 1st year Organic Chemistry. You can easily download them by clicking on the link. The PDF will just take five to ten seconds to get saved on your device. All these notes are available for free, so there is no stopping you from studying harder now. 

Inorganic Chemistry Notes:

Inorganic Chemistry (Sem I & Sem II)Download Links
1. Atomic StructureDownload
2.      Periodic PropertiesDownload
3.       Redox Reaction IDownload
4.       Chemical BondingDownload
5.       Ionic SolidsDownload
6.       s-Block ElementsDownload
7.       p-Block ElementsDownload
8.       Metallurgical ProcessesDownload

Organic Chemistry Notes:

Organic Chemistry (Sem I & Sem II)Download Links
1.       Structure & BondingDownload
2.       Mechanism of Organic ReactionsDownload
3.       Stereochemistry of Organic CompoundsDownload
4.       Alkanes & CycloalkanesDownload
5.       Alkenes, Cycloalkenes, Dienes & AlkynesDownload
6.       Arenes & AromaticityDownload
7.       Alkyl & Aryl HalidesDownload

Physical Chemistry Notes:

Physical Chemistry (Sem I & Sem II)Download Links
1. Chemical KineticsDownload
2. Thermodynamics I  Download
3. Catalyst & Catalysis  Download
4. Colloidal StateDownload
5. Gaseous StateDownload
6. Liquid StateDownload
7. Solid StateDownload