2nd Year Math Pairing Scheme 2024 All Punjab Boards

New Updates: The math course in 12th grade has six chapters. For the final examination in the 2nd year math paper scheme 2024, MCQs and exercise problems will be included.

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Matric 12th Class Math Paper Scheme.Exams are considered a critical period for students because they must be prepared and get the highest score to achieve good results.12th Class Math Pairing Scheme Punjab Board.

12th Class Math Pairing Scheme

Q.1    MCQ’S SECTION:                                                     MARKS:20


SHORT QUESTIONS                 SECTION  -1                         Marks: 50

Q.2Attempt 8 out of 12(Marks 16)Q.3Attempt 8 out of 12(Marks 16)Q.4Attempt 9 out of 13(Marks 18)
Chapter    No of QuestionChapter    No.of  QuestionChapter    No.of Question
1                          33                      104                       4
2                          95                       26                       4
  7                       5

LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 3 out of 5)   SECTION – II                    Marks: 30

Q.No.5(5+5 Marks)               Chap-1            Chap-2 (A)                    (B)Q.No.7(5+5 Marks)Ex.3.6 -3.8               Chap- 5(A)                          (B)
Q.No.6(5+5 Marks)Ex.3.1 -3.5     Ex.4.1-4.3(A)                 (B)Q.No.8(5+5 Marks)Ex.4.4 – 4.5             Ex.6.1-6.3                         (B)
Q.No.9(5+5 Marks)Ex.6.4 – 6.9      Chap- 7  
 (A)                (B)  

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