Computer Science 1st Year Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board

New Updates: 1st year computer guess paper 2024 prepared according to the short syllabus of all Punjab Boards. 11th class FSC/ICS Math guess paper 2024.

Computer Science 1st Year Guess Paper 2024 Punjab Board.The first part of the 11th Class Guess Paper .The computer part 1 guess paper is available online for free.1st Year Computer Guess Papers The guess paper for the computer part 1 final exam has been uploaded, and all candidates are told to obtain the computer science part 1 guess paper, and who else is asking for the intermediate part 1 computer science guess paper.11th Class Computer Science Guess Paper Punjab Board.

All Subject of Guess Paper :

These guessing test papers give the most important MCQ, short questions, and long questions that are most likely to be raised in the board exam. Students can also view the 2024 computer level 11 guess papers on These guessing test papers are created based on the board exam model for 11th grade students in 2024 . Visit the website for more important preparation materials.

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Computer Science – Introduction Of Computer  Notes Download

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Paper Computer Science
Q: NO 2
Give the Answers of the Following short questions:
1- Differentiate Between Terminal and Workstation ?
2- Why DRAM Uses more power than SRAM ?
3- State the working of inject printer ?


Q.3 Write a Comprehensive note on the second and third Computer Generation ?
Q.4 What is Main Frame Computer and Mini Computer ?
Q.5 What is application of software ? Explain its basic types in detail?

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Guessing questions can help you get a good grade in the final exam. There are few chapters and few important questions, so guess the paper will be designed based on these important questions. Students who prepare themselves by guessing the test paper in Computer Science Part 1 will be able to get good grades in the final exam. The following is a link to the computer part 1 guessing paper that you can easily get online for free.

11th Class Computer Science Guess Paper Punjab Board

11th Class Computer Science Guess Paper Punjab Board
Chaper.1 ( Basic of Information of Technology )

1- Diff. Between Software and Hardware ?
2- What is input and Output Device ?
3- Diff. Between System Software and Application Software ?
4- Diff Between Soft Copy and Hard Copy ?
5- What Is the Computer ?
6- Diff Between Hypermedia and Multimedia ?
7- What is Date and Information ?
8- What is the Characteristics of Keyboard ?

Chapter 2 ( Information Network )

1- What is Computer Network / Information Network ?
2- What is Server and Client Computer ?
3- What is Router and Gateway ?
4- What is WAN And MAN ?
5- What is LAN ?
6- What is Internet ?
7- Diff. Between Intranets and Extranet ?
8- Diff. Between Internet and Web ?
9- How Computer are Connected in LAN ?

Chapter 3 ( Date Communication )

1- What is Date Communication And Its Components ?
2- What is Receiver and Transmission Medium ?
3- What is Encoder and Decoder ?
4- What is Signals and its example ?
5- Give two characteristics of Analog Signals ?
6- Define Bit and Byte ?
7- What is Unicode ?
8- What is Serial and Parallel Transmission ?
9- What is Communication Satellite ?
10- Give three Diff. Between Broadband and Baseband ?

Chapter . 4 ( Application and Uses of Computer )

1- How Computer can help in Marketing ?
2- What is ATM and Its Uses ?
3- Diff. Between CAD and CAM ?
4- Define Computer aided Learning ?
5- What is E- Banking ?
6- Write three Types of E-Commerce ?
7- Write any five benefits of Computer ?

Chapter . 5 ( Computer Architecture )

1- What is Ram and ROM ?
2- What is SRAM and DRAM ?
3- Types of Bus Computer ?
4- What is Memory and storage ?
5- What is Compiler and Interpreter ?
6- Types of Translater ?

Important Long Question :

1- What is Impact Printer and Non- Impact Printer and Its Types ?

2- What is Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer ?

3- What is server Model / dedicated server Network and Peer To Peer Model ?

4- What is Bus and Start Topology ?

5- What is Ring Topology and Its working ?

6- Diff. Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission ?

7- What is Different Types of Modems ?

8- What are CPU Register and Briefly its purpose of register ?

9 – What is SRAM and DRAM ?

10- Explain the Fetch Decode Execute Cycle of CPU ?