I.Com Part 1 Principles of Economics Guess Paper 2024

New Updates: Principles of Economics guess paper 2024 for 1st year I.Com part 1 download in pdf. Now you can download the guess paper of principles.

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Guess Paper Principles of Economics I.Com Part 1

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I.Com Part 1 Principles of Economics Guess Paper

I.Com Part 1 Principles of Economics Guess PaperView-Download

I.Com Part 1 Guess Paper Economics

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Principles of Economics I.Com Part 1 Guess Paper

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I.Com Part 1 Guess Paper Principles of Economics

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This is the guess test paper or all subjects for the first year of . You can see the links for each subject to guess the test paper here. Each post gives important questions and answers for all subjects to guess the test paper. The government will only take the elective subject examinations for the first year. The exam will be conducted from Smart syllabus.These guess papers are suitable for all Punjabi boards, you don’t need to worry about the content. Here are detailed important long questions and short questions. I have a pdf source file of the guess paper volume. Below are the links to all the guess test papers for Punjabi 11 level boards.


2.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          What is economic problem?

ii)         What is meant by point of saturation?

iii)        Write difference between positive and normative science.

iv)        What is meant by services?

v)         Define law of demand.

vi)        What is meant by income elasticity?

vii)       What is meant by capital goods?

viii)      Differentiate between utility and usefulness.

ix)        Describe the types of market regarding time element.

x)         What is meant by equilibrium price?

xi)        What is meant by stock?

xii)       What is meant by market price?

3.         Write short answers to questions.

i)          Write two points of importance of land.

ii)         Define capital

iii)        What is mean by normal profi?

iii)        What is mean by average revenue?

iv)        What is mean by abnormal profi?

v)         Describe the law of constant return.

vi)        What is mean by large scale of production?

vii)       Define cost of production.

viii)      What is mean by partnership?

ix)        Define cost of production.

x)         Why the slope of demand curve under monopoly is negative?

xi)        What is mean by total revenue?

4.         Write short answer to questions.

i)          Define personal income.

ii)         What is mean by deflation?

iii)        Write down two methods to control inflation.

iv)        Define gross national product.

v)         Define standard metallic money.

vi)        What is mean by national income?

vii)       Define order cheque.

viii)      Define indirect tax.

ix)        What is mean by international ?

x)         Define progressive tax.

xi)        Define exchange rate.

                                                                        PART – II

5.         Define Adam Smith of function of Economics and criticize it.

6.         Make comparison between definitions of economics of Robbins and Marshall.

7.         What is the difference between private and public finance?

8.         Explain extension and contraction of demand with schedule and diagram.

9.         Describe importance of international trade.