9th Class Urdu Notes 2024 All Chapters

New Notes Updates: The Urdu Notes of 9th class 2024 are devised for all Punjab boards such as BISE Lahore, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Faisalabad, BISE DG.

9th Class Urdu Notes 2024 All Chapter.9th Class Urdu Notes 2024 . Urdu is a theme written in our national language. This is the biggest mistake that thousands of students have ever made, and they have even failed in this subject once in their lives. 9th Class Urdu Notes Even if it is written in our language, there is something written in this book, you must know it, because only in the exam will you ask what it is written in.

Urdu Notes All Chapters 9th Class:

Urdu is our national language and tomorrow is the Urdu paper you need the Urdu guess paper of the 9th class right? Yes ok, either urdu is one of the easiest subjects of the 9th class but due to the long syllabus, students look for Urdu notes so they will gain more marks on Urdu papers and be confident as well on paper day. Urdu is a compulsory subject in the Pakistan education system due to the national language. We have to get guess paper from different resources and sort out the best guess paper here.

In, we have collected and sorted out the 9th grade guessing test papers for 9th grade students, and strive to achieve excellent results with the least effort. Guessing always gives an idea of important and common problems, which can also save your energy and time. As we know, the test paper for lesson 9 has already started, so you can get good grades with the least effort.

9th class Urdu Complete Notes pdf download

Below is the list of all notes of Urdu for class 9th

1. Hissa Nasar (حصہ نثر)

Hissa Nasar includes the following

  • Khulasa of the lesson
  • Tashreeh of Paragraphs
  • Questions answers
  • MCQs and Objective
  • Arab Lagana

All the above-mentioned elements are present in every single lesson notes. Now download lesson wise notes of Hissa Nasar

  1. Hijrat-e-Nabwi (ہجرتِ نبوی ﷺ)
  2. Mirza Galib k Adaato Khsail (مرزا غالب کے عادات و خصائل)
  3. Kahli  (کاہلی)
  4. Shayron k Lateefay (شاعروں کے لطیفے)
  5. Nassoh or Saleem ki Guftgoo (نصوح اور سلیم کی گفتگو)
  6. Panchayet (پنچایت)
  7. Aram-o-Sakoon (آرام و سکون)
  8. Lahoo or Kaleen (لہو اور قالین)
  9. Imtehaan (امنحان)
  10. Mulki Parinday or Dusray janwar (ملکی پرندے اور دوسرے جانور)
  11. Qadr-e-Ayaaz (قدرِ ایاز)

2. Hissa Nazam (حصہ نظم)

Hissa Nazam includes the following:

  • Explaination of poems
  • objective and MCQs
  • GrammarMCQs
  • Khulasa of Poems

Here is the list of all Nazam of 9th class with an explanation.

  1. Hamad (حمد)
  2. Naat (نعت)
  3. Barsaat ki Baharein (برسات کے بہاریں)
  4. Pewasta Reh Shajar Sy (پیوستہ رہ شجر سے)

3. Hissa Ghazal

4. MCQs and Objective

All Chapters 9th Class Urdu Notes :

9th grade students can prepare all essays in two ways. One way for smart students is to prepare all the crafty buses, then pick up guesses and revise all important questions again. For lazy students who can’t cover all the courses in class 9 and want to prepare for the question of guessing the test paper in a smart and simple way, the second one is easy.

9th Class Urdu Notes

Question Answers: Ch 1,3,5,6,7,8

Ashaar Kki Tashri: 

  • P2: 2,5,7
  • P1: 1,4,7
  • P3: 2,5,8,9
  • G1: 2,4,7
  • P4: complete
  • G2: 3,4,5,6
  • G4: compete
  • G3: 1,3,5

Khulasay/ Paragraphs ki Tashri: Ch 2, 5, 9, 10, 11

Applications: bimari, for certificate,  post man ki shikayat,muhallay ki safai

Dialogs: doctor & mariz, darzi & gahak, parhai per

Letters: 1,3,4,5,8,9,14

Stories: 2,3,5,7,9,10