English Notes 2023 BS Botany 1st Semester

BS English Notes– Past Paper & Assignment pdf BS Botany -1st Semester 2023 ,English Notes BS Botany 1st Semester,English Notes BS Botany 1st Semester 2023 .English Notes 2023 BS Botany 1st Semester.

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Board University,College
Subject English
Year 2023
keyword BS English Notes , Assignment , McQs & Book present in pdf form
Qualification BS English class
English Short Notes pdf-English Grammer Composition pdf Download
Direct & Indirect Speech pdf fileDownload

English Paper Pattern 2023

  • Paper depend on three Question
  • 1st Question McQs
  • 2nd Question Short Question
  • 3rd Question Long Question

McQs Question:

  • The number of mcQs not confirm
    • one to eight mcQs
    • one to Ten mcQs

Short Question : Following definition like

  • Difference B/W Active & Passive with Example (Important)
  • Difference B/W Adjective & Demonstrative Pronoun with example (Important)
  • Difference B/W transitive & Intransitive with example (Important)
  • What is conjugation & its types with Example(Important)
  • Difference B/W Direct & Indirect Speech with example(Important)

Long Question :

Any easy in long Question like:


Important Notes For Students 2023

  • Mid + sessional will be arranged by colleges while final and practical will be conducted by university.
  • Total 24
  • 6 sessional
  • 18 paper marks.
  • Paper contains MCQs, short and long questions
  • 36 Marks final exam which will be conducted by the University
  • Total 60 marks
  • Information shared by Ghazi university regarding BS mid and final examination. Please note and take steps in this regard .
  • One credit=20 Marks
  • 30% Mid= 6
  • 10% Sessional= 2
  • 60% Final=12
  • Anybody can calculate his/her mid and sessional Marks depending on the relevant course credits

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The main objective of this course is to enhance English language skills of the students & develop their critical thinking.The importance of English language cannot be denied. It enriches our thought & culture & provides us with the most important international vehicle of expression. It has opened for us several doors of knowledge for it is the lingua franca of the world & also the language of science, technology, commerce and diplomacy. ??
Functional English Assignment for BS. Botny Students
CLO:1. Practice correct English in speaking and writing. (Level: A1)
CLO:2. Comply even complex English language texts. (Level: A1)
CLO:3. Exhibit sound vocabulary and skills to use English in professional life. (Level: A2)
CLO:4. Avoid common errors usually made by the learners English as second language. (Level: A2)
Functional English Assignment for BS. Botny Students