Enzymology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester

Enzymology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester.Enzymology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester.

Enzymology is the branch of biochemistry aiming to understand how enzymes work through the relationship between structure and function and how they fold into their native state.

What are the different types of enzymes?

  • Carbohydrase breaks down carbohydrates into sugars.
  • Lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids.
  • Protease breaks down protein into amino acids.

What is the importance of enzymology?

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Enzymes To Diagnose Disorders

leak into blood during related disorders. Measuring the amount of the corresponding protein for his or her presence in high or low levels in blood indicates the particular disorder. This is why it is important to have enzymes in medicine.

What are the 6 types of enzymes?

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The six kinds of enzymes are hydrolases, oxidoreductases, lyases, transferases, ligases and isomerases. The enzyme Oxidoreductase catalyzes the oxidation reaction where the electrons tend to travel from one form of a molecule to the other.


The largest Enzyme in the human body is Titin. The length of titin enzyme is about 27,000 to 35,000 amino acids. Titin is referred to as Connection, which is encoded by TTN Genes.

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