Apply For Ehsaas Labour Program 2023

Apply For Ehsaas Labour Program 2023.Apply For Ehsaas Labour Program 2023.


As one of PM Imran Khan’s greater initiatives to tackle Pakistan’s unemployment puzzle, the Ehsaas Labour Program was recently executed. This article is all about how to register for Ehsaas Labour Program and how you can avail it. Read!

Currently, Pakistan’s employment index has lined up the following research proposals for immediate impact:Advertisement

  • Contribution to the development of PRSP and MTDF documents;
  • Capacity development of the Planning Commission in conducting research on poverty-employment nexus;
  • Developing capacity of the Ministry of Labour, social partners and other stakeholders in the area of Labour Market Information and Analysis;
  • Technical assistance for preparation of the National Employment Policy;
  • Providing advisory services to the national committee for the improvement of Labour Force Survey (LFS) of Pakistan; and
  • Employment promotion in the post-crises situations.

Getting into the specifics of the underlined topic, we have determined a simple procedure to accommodate the general public:

Step-By-Step Instructions | How To Register For Ehsaas Labour Program

Note: Registered individuals will be thoroughly investigated after filing brief reports for online applications.

Here’s where you start:Advertisement

  • Open Ehsaas Labour Portal by visiting this link.
  • Enter your CNIC No.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Select your Network Operator.
  • Click On Register Button.

To check your application status, visit Ehsaas Emergency Cash Portal and add details in the following format:

Here’s how you do it:Advertisement

  • Type your CNIC number in the first box.
  • In the second row, type your Mobile Number.
  • Then choose your Network Operator.
  • In the last row, enter the code shown to the left side of the box

This automatically acknowledges your registration.

A Little Pushover

If your employment has been affected by the current situation, and no member of your family has received Rs. 12000 Assistance under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, register here to avail assistance from the Prime Minister’s Code Relief Fund. How To Apply For Ehsaas Labour Program 2023.

For basic info, a few independent entities have established groups on WhatsApp. Interactive assistance and due-diligence are top-priority for admins of these groups. If you’re interest, visit the following WhatsApp links and join the live thread.


The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has grabbed our country by the tail. Economic relief is hard to come by, and the government is trying to withstand these testing times.

The inner workings of any emergency program form the basis for survival in difficult situations. Imran Khan has managed to financially circumvent an impending state of bankruptcy by collecting more than 4 billion PKR from the masses. These pecks of money were collect through taxable billing, charity, independent contributions and venture-capital from dormant federal interests.Advertisement

The macroeconomic framework of Pakistan lies under the Planning Commission. Register for Ehsaas Labour Program, and check if the country’s relief packages are helpful or not.

Well, there you have it guys! This was all about how to register for Ehsaas Labour Program. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the section provided below.

Good luck and stay safe!