Molecular Biology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester

Molecular Biology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester.Molecular Biology Past Paper 2024 BS Botany 7th Semester.

Molecular biology is the branch of biology that studies the molecular basis of biological activity

What is an example of molecular biology?

The field of molecular biology is focused especially on nucleic acids (e.g., DNA and RNA) and proteins—macromolecules that are essential to life processes—and how these molecules interact and behave within cells.

Important Molecular Biology

Molecular biology also plays a critical role in the understanding of structures, functions, and internal controls within individual cells, all of which can be used to efficiently target new drugs, diagnose disease, and better understand cell physiology.

What is the molecular biology and genetics?

Molecular Biology and Genetics seek to understand how the molecules that make up cells determine the behavior of living things. Biologists use molecular and genetic tools to study the function of those molecules in the complex milieu of the living cell.

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