Class 10th Information Technology Syllabus 2024 pdf

Class 10th Information Technology Syllabus 2024 pdf.CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus is available here for download in PDF. This is the revised CBSE Syllabus that will be followed in CBSE Board Exams . Go through the complete syllabus to know the prescribed content for theory and practical examination.

CBSE Class 10 Information Technology (Code No. 402) Course Structure

Part A

UNITSNO. OF HOURS for Theory and Practical 200MAX. MARKS for Theory and Practical 100
Employability Skills  
Unit 1: Communication Skills-II*10
Unit 2: Self-Management Skills-II103
Unit 3: ICT Skills-II103
Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills-II154
Unit 5: Green Skills-II*05

Part B

SUBJECT-SPECIFIC SKILLSTheory (In Hours)Practicals (In Hours)Marks
Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)12188
Unit 2: Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)152310
Unit 3: Database Management System182712
Unit 4: Web Applications and Security152210

Part C

PRACTICAL WORK – Practical Examination
● Advanced Documentation5 Marks20
● Advanced Spreadsheets5 Marks
● Databases10 Marks
● Viva Voce10 Marks10
Total 30 Marks

Part D

PROJECT WORK/FIELD VISIT Any Interdisciplinary Real World Case Study to be taken. Summarized data reports of same can be presented in base. Input should be taken using forms and output should be done using reports using base. Documentation of the case study should be presented using writer.10
PORTFOLIO/ PRACTICAL FILE:(Portfolio should contain printouts of the practical done using Writer, Calc and Base with minimum 5 problems of each)10
Total 20
GRAND TOTAL200 No. Of Hours100 Marks

Note: * marked units are to be assessed through Internal Assessment/ Student Activities. They are not to be assessed in Theory Exams



S. No. UnitsDuration in Hours
1.Unit 1: Communication Skills-II*10
2.Unit 2: Self-Management Skills-II10
3.Unit 3: Information and Communication Technology Skills-II10
4.Unit 4: Entrepreneurial Skills-II15
5.Unit 5: Green Skills-II*05

Note: * marked units are to be assessed through Internal Assessment/ Student Activities. They are not to be assessed in Theory Exams.

S. No.UnitsDuration in Hours
1Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)30
2Unit 2: Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)38
3Unit 3: Database Management System45
4Unit 4: Web Applications and Security37

Check the unit-wise weightage for effective exam preparations. Follow this latest and revised syllabus to prepare for 10 Information Technology Board Exam .Class 10th Information Technology Syllabus pdf.